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... for a good start in the morning

In the cozy breakfast room of Hotel Resonanz, guests are able to enjoy the nutritious breakfast they need to see them through the busy day ahead, either as tourists exploring the sights and attractions of Vienna, or as business travelers about to engage in decisive negotiations.

Müsli und Bioecke
Speisesaal im Hotel Resonanz

Gourmet breakfast buffet

Guests of Hotel Resonanz are able to select from a lavish assortment of cheeses and sausages, a variety of spreads, scrambled eggs made from the freshest of eggs, and bacon, all accompanied by a wide range of breakfast rolls and breads.

And we shouldn't forget the cake for our littler guests, of course. Coffee and a variety of teas, along with fresh orange juice are certain to quench your thirst. The staff of Hotel Resonanz does everything it takes to pamper you, and that goes for breakfast as well.