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Exhibitions in Vienna

In Vienna, over 100 different museums invite you to step in their doors. These include such famous museums as the Albertina and the Belvedere, as well as smaller exhibitions of contemporary art, scattered throughout the city. Aside from permanent exhibitions, lesser and more famous artists regularly come to Vienna to display their works.

Many visitors come to Vienna in order to indulge themselves in art and culture. In order to immerse yourself in this world of aesthetics, beauty and edginess, it pays off to select a hotel that best meets your needs. Resplendent baroque buildings or Jugendstil houses with a love for detail invite their guests to relax and feel completely at home.

Your morning visit to a nearby museum will get off to a perfect start with a delicious and healthy buffet breakfast. The smell of freshly baked breakfast rolls and aromatic coffee stimulates your senses, and gets body and soul into the perfect mood for the museum tours to come. But in the evening and nighttime, too, when visitors are ready to unwind after a long day, Vienna's hotels take outstanding care of their guests.

Comfortable beds, modern bathrooms and a stylish ambience help weary Vienna visitors, their heads filled with the countless impressions they have collected during the day, to enjoy a restful night's sleep before the next morning and the new, exciting experiences to come.

Museums & exhibitions