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Shopping in Vienna

Surrounded by the historic buildings of the cultural metropolis that is Vienna, shopping here is especially enjoyable. Awaiting you both on the central squares and streets, as well as along the narrow lanes, are interesting shops of all kinds and clienteles: exquisite boutiques, department stores, jewelers, souvenir shops, small scene shops, galleries and restaurants.

The city's many restaurants are a great setting in which to sample the best of Viennese cooking. Featuring countless Austrian and international dishes, it is renowned and loved far and wide. As diverse as the city, so, too, is its culinary culture. A traditional Viennese eatery is the Beisl, where you can expect to enjoy hearty local fare. Griessnockerl soup, the famous Wiener Schnitzel, goulash and delicious desserts such as pancakes and Kaiserschmarren, all take their rightful place on the menu.

Viennese Hotels

Vienna's hotels don't only invite you to spend the night, of course. In the hotel kitchens, they cook with the same passion, love and quality as the city's gourmet restaurants - their goal being to captivate guests with unforgettable culinary impressions that reflect the Viennese approach to life itself. For conferences, congresses and seminars, for glittering wedding receptions and other family festivities, ample dining rooms await.

Shopping in Vienna