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Heuriger in Vienna

Munich has its wheat beer, while Vienna has its Heuriger.
The word refers to a young wine traditionally enjoyed at a wine tavern.

The word "Heuriger" comes from southern Germany and Austria and means "today". It is not only applied to the wine itself, but also to the dining establishment where it is served. In Vienna you will come across terms such as "Heurigenrestaurant" and "Stadtheuriger". In the city are all different kinds of wine taverns, from traditional to exclusive and refined.

Whereas the genuine Buschenschanken are restricted by law to only serving cold dishes, the newer tourist-oriented restaurants are also allowed to serve hot meals. Because the true Heuriger has to be located close to a vintner and can only operate on a seasonal basis, visitors to Vienna must generally resort to the tourist establishments.

Heuriger at Your Hotel

Though you might potentially enjoy a Heuriger up in your hotel room, we would strongly recommend seeking out a real Beisl or Heuriger. Since these establishments are spread out across the city, there are certain to be plenty to choose from close to your Hotel Resonanz. Stop by the reception, they will be glad to give you a few tips.

Viennese Heurige