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Coffee Houses

Traditional Viennese Coffee Houses

The tradition of coffee-drinking in Vienna is a very old one and, according to legend, goes back to the time of the second siege by the Turks in 1683. It is said that the Turks left behind sacks filled with coffee beans. At first thought by the Viennese to be unusable, they were burned - and so, roasted coffee beans were discovered by pure chance.

A traditional Viennese coffee house is never visited in order to down a quick cup of coffee and disappear, but rather a place to while away a few hours, drink coffee, read a newspaper or book - hence the term "coffee house literature". The atmosphere in the coffee houses of Vienna is stylish and sedate. A hectic pace is scorned, for it disturbs the finer sensibilities of the intellectuals, writers and business people who spend time here. The coffee lifestyle of Vienna has managed to retain its youthfulness, too. If you don't feel at home in the coffee houses, you will find a wide selection of cafes for young people. They are, above all, gathering spots for students, who give them a young, modern and international flair all its own.

Hotels and Coffee Houses

Visitors to Vienna can also have traditional Viennese coffee served to them at their hotel. naturally enough. While the French have their café au lait and the Italians their cappuccino or latte macchiato, the Viennese have their melange. A dark mocha with milk and milk foam, available at practically every street corner.

Viennese Cafés