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Theatre in Vienna

Barely another theatre in the entire world enjoys such an outstanding reputation as Vienna's Burgtheater. This is due not only to the magnificent building on the Vienna Ringstrasse which is its home, but above all to a 250-year-old dramatic tradition, regarded by the theatrical community as the measure of all things.

Many famous actors, directors and dramaturgs have either begun their careers here or, as already famous artists, have been drawn by the reputation of the Burgtheater and delivered their masterpiece here. Vienna boasts other important theatres with an appeal for young and old. The Schauspielhaus, the Volkstheater and the Akademietheater are but three examples of a whole array of fascinating performance venues which go to make up Vienna's theatre culture.

Your hotel close to the theatre

When in May the Wiener Festwochen festival begins, the world's elite of opera and theatre directors, actors, conductors and orchestras gather here in Vienna. During this time, very few beds remain vacant at Vienna's hotels, which means that rooms and tickets need to be booked well in advance. Though the city does have plenty of space to accommodate visitors, if you want to enjoy the advantage of being able to make your way from your hotel to the State Opera or St. Stephen's Cathedral on foot, you should reserve a room in the downtown area.

Wiener Burgtheater